ADA Compliant Homes

B.C. Meyer Homes is proud to offer customizations for individuals who require ADA compliant homes (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design). In some instances, these homes are for people already in need of barrier-free features, while others are for families simply building new homes that will satisfy their changing needs as they age. An ADA compliant home not only provides long-lasting benefits for you and your family, but also enables you to welcome guests facing difficulties with mobility.

Some features that we can incorporate to make life a little easier are: wider hallways, variable height countertops, step-free entrances, proper inclines, elevators, wider sidewalks, non-slip tile, and zero entry showers. When planning your ADA compliant home, we will also take into consideration open spaces and positioning of lighting.

By building an ADA Compliant home, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your home will last for a lifetime—from today through retirement. Whether you or a family member have a progressive disease, suffer from a permanent injury or simply want to plan for the future, we can help. We understand that each person’s needs vary and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your desire to build.

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